Our concept - your process

In 6 steps to your "Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange" certification according to VDA-ISA.

Overview & Orientation
Securing sensitive information within the automotive supply chain.

An overview of the special features of TISAX®, its significance for the entire supply chain within the automotive industry and useful tips on the measures to be taken to obtain the TISAX® label can be found clearly summarised in our white paper on TISAX® in practical pdf format.

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The workflow of the TISAX® Assessment


Scope and GAP assessment to determine the status quo in your company.

  • Implement: The measures from GPA analysis are transferred into the existing processes.
  • Training: Your employees will be trained on the system by us.
  • Live: the entire system is lived in the company and tested for practicality.
  • Internal review: It is now being tested to what extent the desired maturity levels for the pending certification audit have been achieved.

Online registration as TISAX® participant on the ENX Assiociation platform.

Carrying out the assessment on the basis of documents and/or on-site visits.

Interim report with agreement on the implementation of pending measures

Correction/Corrective action:
 Closure of non-conformities to achieve the required maturity level.

Submission of the final report on  TISAX®- online platform