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Information security has become increasingly important in cooperation with customers and suppliers in recent years. As a result, the challenge of establishing a high level of safety in companies has also increased significantly within the automotive industry.

While the increasing connectivity of the digital age brings many benefits, it also makes businesses more vulnerable to internal and external threats. And these threats can endanger information security.

Since 2017, the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), has therefore established a testing and exchange mechanism that serves as a certificate of compliance with information safety standards. This "Trusted Information Security Assessment EXchange", or TISAX® for short, has the essential benefit of reducing the effort for all partners involved and standardizing the testing process.

TISAX® is operated by the legally independent body ENX Association, based in France, which accredits the test service providers and monitors the quality of execution and assessment results.

The aim of the review and publication process is to ensure information security between OEMs and all suppliers at all levels who work with sensitive OEM data.  It is based on the ISO 27001 for ISMS and ISO 27017 for cloud security and has been expanded by the important requirements of the automotive industry:

• Information security
• Connecting third parties and
• Prototype protection

For the successful examination by accredited test service providers, the target maturity level from the "Information Security Assessment" (ISA) of the VDA must be met. This requires the establishment of an "Information Security Management System" (ISMS).

OPTIQUM offers you detailed expertise and a high level of methodological expertise. This enables our qualified consultants to offer comprehensive support for the implementation of an ISMS and to accompany our customers to a successful TISAX® audit.


Since 2017, companies working for automotive groups (so-called OEMs) have been instructed to demonstrate a "Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange" certification in order to guarantee information security in cooperation with partners.


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*TISAX® is a registered trademark of the ENX Association, France