Information is a key value for your company and your customers. This information not only resides on the hard disks and servers of your IT infrastructure but is also in the minds of your employees and is regularly used in your business processes.

More frequently than in the classic hacker scenario, third parties gain access to confidential information through thoughtless conversations between employees while smoking in front of a building, at a train station or in an airplane. Further and beyond all technical security, it is important to train your employees how to handle information.

We take a company-wide view to strengthen the trust and cooperation with your customers and to make the integrity and security of your company measurable.
We do have a holistic view on your organizations processes to strengthen the trust and cooperation with your customers which results in secure processes and integrity of you  and your customers integrity.




Our services for you:


Determination of status quo

  • Scope and GAP analysis of the VDA ISA requirements: Which requirements do your customers have? Where and to what scope are the areas to be audited located?

Support with audit management

  • including online registration on the ENX platform.

Integration of VDA-ISA requirements

  • Implementation into your existing management system.

Development of an ISMS

  • In accordance with the very individual requirements that your company places on the information security management system in terms of risk and threat potential.


  • Lectures, workshops and staff training according to VDA-ISA / ISM.

Establishment of audit readiness

  • ncluding VDA-ISA questionnaire
  • including on-site audits.

Ongoing support

  • of your Information Security Officer (ISO)..
  • of the ISMS as an external ISO.
  • in the maintenance and continuous improvement of your ISMS according to VDA-ISA

No matter whether you have questions or challenges in the topics consulting, strategy or organization: Talk to us. Communication is everything. If you contact us today, we can quickly and effectively provide you with an efficient solution. Guaranteed. We are there immediately to work out a solution with you.

  • Our advice is holistic, comprehensible and based on partnership.
    Together with you, we solve complex challenges in an understandable and comprehensible way.
  • Our network of consultants consists of numerous experts. We always offer you the best possible expertise tailored to your needs.
  • We share our experience with you and our colleagues. Benefit from our industry and consulting experience, as do young colleagues in our company.
  • Our team of consultants is the basis for creative and effective solutions.






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