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Creating a basis of trust with TISAX®

Why TISAX certification is essential for media agencies and service providers in the areas of print, events and event management in cooperation with the automotive industry.

TISAX® serves the cross-company recognition of information security assessments in the automotive industry and creates a common assessment and exchange mechanism for this purpose. This label is intended to ensure that the highest standards of data handling and exchange are maintained at all stages of the supply chain.

These include producers and suppliers, but also service providers from the fields of printing, event technology, event and media agencies.

Particularly in trade fair construction, photography or advertising, internal information, such as initial images of a prototype, is often processed before general announcement and publication. A leak of such data can have devastating consequences for the company concerned and entail legal consequences and high penalties. The handling of film and photo shoots, the resulting data and requirements for events and functions are clearly illustrated in the VDA-ISA catalog in the section on prototype protection “Requirements for events and shoots”.

TISAX® labels are increasingly being cited as a prerequisite in tenders or contracts are only being awarded to companies that participate in the TISAX process, and OEMs already require valid certification as a condition for cooperation.

What does this mean for your company?

With TISAX® certification, you guarantee the highest level of commitment and security measures for the data protection of your customers and partners. And it is precisely this verified, secure handling of information with high protection requirements that forms the basis for cooperation with customers, as it ensures the foundation of trust in a joint partnership.
With TISAX® certification, you underline that your processes guarantee a very high level of information security. Our experts at OPTIQUM will help you to be excellently prepared in all your projects and collaborations with the car manufacturers participating in the TISAX system.
This is because participants at all stages of the supply chain use the TISAX® label to prove that they have implemented the necessary technical and organizational measures that an effective, state-of-the-art information security management system (ISMS) requires.

In the past, OPTIQUM has already successfully supported companies in this sector on their way to the TISAX® label. Take advantage of the competitive edge and take another step into the digital future with the TISAX label.