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The TISAX® certificate as a future-oriented
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The TISAX ® label has been on everyone’s lips for several years in the automotive industry, or more precisely among suppliers: The “Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange” is an assessment and exchange procedure for information security in the automotive industry. The focus is on protecting sensitive data, company integrity and availability in the manufacturing process. The background to this development is that supply chains have become increasingly complex in recent years due to global competition. With a TISAX ® certificate, automotive suppliers can position themselves for new partnerships with a view to the future and growth.

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Who needs a TISAX® certificate or label?

Your starting position as an automotive supplier can be summarized as follows with regard to the TISAX® certificate: If you are aiming to work with the major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), proof of TISAX® certification is absolutely essential. This proves that your company meets the special security requirements in the automotive sector, taking you a decisive step further than the ISO 27001 standard. When processing sensitive information, nothing should be left to chance.

Automotive suppliers can use the TISAX® certificate to prove that they meet the requirements of OEMs. It also significantly reduces the workload in operational business, as certified companies do not have to undergo identical audits all the time. Fast-acting and strategically agile automotive suppliers can benefit from decisive advantages with a TISAX® certificate, which we will explain in more detail below.

The most important facts about the TISAX® label at a glance

Why there is actually no (visible) TISAX ® certificate ...

If you search for TISAX on Google, the search term “certificate” will be displayed in a prominent position. This shows that the term “TISAX ® certificate” is searched for thousands of times every day.
Strictly speaking, this term is not correct, because companies do not receive a certificate for conformity with TISAX ® (unlike ISO 27001): Successful auditing is not immediately recognizable to the outside world, nor may it be advertised publicly. However, this is not decisive for automotive suppliers: what is important is that the successful certification is visible to other participants and thus to potential business partners. It is more appropriate to speak of a TISAX® label. With “TISAX ® Certificate”, however, we are addressing a clear interest in information, which we have already considered in detail at this point!

Why isn’t it called a TISAX® certificate?

As you will read here, TISAX® is an inspection or exchange mechanism. Successful testing is therefore rewarded with a label and not a certificate, as is the case with ISO standards such as 27001. The terms TISAX® Assessment or Label will also be used in this article. From the point of view of actual search behavior, however, it is justified to speak of the TISAX® certificate with our explicit references.

What does the TISAX® certificate cover?
An overview

The basis for the assessment up to the final TISAX® certificate is the ENX online portal, where all participating companies exchange information on the status of information security. Thanks to this broad database, up-to-date and reliable safety standards can be achieved. Companies wishing to obtain a TISAX® certificate must participate in the portal. Assessment data can be exchanged there and contact can also be established between testing service providers and companies.

Information security is the basic module for every TISAX® assessment. Another key component is prototype protection, where typical requirements for vehicles such as design are precisely defined. The third important component of data protection is the order processing of automotive suppliers: This must be carried out with regard to Article 28 of the General Data Protection Regulation applicable in Europe.

Specifically, the TISAX® Assessment is about checking conformity with the requirements of VDA ISA (Information Security Assessment). Prototype protection and data protection are additional modules with which company-specific special requirements can be taken into account. In this area, special requirements from individual original equipment manufacturers are particularly noteworthy, meaning that certification can save valuable time and enormous costs. In view of this, a TISAX® label will pay off for everyone involved in the supply and production chain.

The basic rule is:

The need for protection in companies increases with the sensitivity of the information processed in the company. All of this becomes tangible for your company when our experts prepare the TISAX® certification for your company. The analysis of the initial situation shows how well your company is already set up and in which areas there is still a need to catch up in terms of existing information security.

How long is the TISAX certificate valid for?

If your company achieves the TISAX label, it is valid for 3 years before a new assessment is required. In this way, you ensure in your own interest that your company continues to develop consistently with the security requirements. Companies can share the TISAX label they have acquired on the ENX platform mentioned above, which defines its scope: proof of the TISAX certificate is provided automatically if the label is shared publicly.

What advantages does the TISAX certificate offer?

It should have become clear by now that the TISAX certificate is indispensable in the highly competitive global automotive sector. This is particularly true in view of future challenges and further leaps in innovation in the field of electromobility. With the imminent end of combustion engines in the EU, the focus will change, making certification even more important as a reliable basis for work in the future.

The following advantages can be summarized for the TISAX certificate:

When is there no TISAX label?

Intensive preparation with a gap analysis and specific recommendations for action, including This scenario is very unlikely according to the workshops held by OPTIQUM’s experts. If the responsible auditor determines that the TISAX requirements are not met, major and/or minor non-conformities must be identified. In the case of minor non-conformities, the assessor may issue a temporary TISAX certificate with limited validity. The restrictions no longer apply if the identified minor deviations have been rectified.

However, if the auditor identifies one or more so-called main deviations, the entire process is usually delayed by several weeks. In order to obtain the desired TISAX certificate, the company must eliminate all problems, for which remedial or compensatory measures must be developed. After a re-examination, the company can obtain the TISAX certificate, possibly with restrictions in a timely manner if the main deviations can be rectified quickly.

You can see here how important thorough preparation with an experienced partner is. It cannot be a goal for your company to have to wait a long time for a TISAX label. This is because no significant business in the automotive sector is possible during this time.

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