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Understanding business processes and protecting information

Understand business processes easily and protect information at the same time – Quam® and OPTIQUM make it possible!

Who does what, with what and according to what rules?

Workflows, processes and the associated rules in the company are often complex and highly interconnected – and therefore often difficult to understand. Quam® not only brings light into the darkness, the process management software also offers many other customizable and useful features in addition to the simple, user-friendly mapping of complex company structures.

And as a bonus, TISAX® is one of many norms and standards that can now be met even more quickly and easily thanks to the interaction between Quam® and OPTIQUM.

How does it work?

Your company consists of many different processes, structures, rules, systems and, of course, people who perform different roles and functions in your organization. In order to maintain the ability to act quickly and proactively and to improve the company, it is essential to have a holistic overview and understanding of these widely interlinked connections and networked process worlds. And almost impossible without software support.

Quam® maps the company in a simple and digital manner. It informs you and your employees about changes within the organization and manages their improvements. This makes Quam the digital twin and “operating system” of your company.

What are the advantages?

With the help of Quam® you can organize your company systematically along process lines. The user-friendly interface provides users with a simple process overview of your organization, making it easy for them to find their way around.

From this overview, you can access all relevant information with a maximum of 3 clicks, regardless of whether it concerns e.g. rules, applicable templates or IT systems to be use. Processes and interrelationships, cross-departmental connections and the involvement of roles and partners in individual process steps can also be accessed and visualized in an accessible manner.

You get an overview of all your relevant operational information, giving you the advantage of transparency and control. It also favors a flexible exchange of information and quick transfer of information, which are crucial for your competitive abilities.

Rapid troubleshooting thanks to digitalization

By interconnecting and digitizing process descriptions and regulations, it is much easier to find gaps or errors in the processes because you don’t have to tediously work your way through Excel files or even paper folders.

The sensible and, above all, secure management of regulations and documentation and the mapping of all processes, structures, rules and information in your company creates greater transparency and efficiency in the long term.

Quam® offers individual perspectives depending on the needs of the users, so that your entire organization can be mapped in a clear system and information do not have to be maintained redundantly.

Process consulting and process-integrated ISMS

Quam® and OPTIQUM work hand in hand to ensure the optimal, holistic setup and function of the processes. Our OPTIQUM experts provide you with comprehensive and individual advice on structuring and optimizing your processes. We not only design comprehensible, but also efficient, practical process landscapes that suit your company and your work-flows and support you in your day-to-day work.

We maintain these processes for you as the basis of your process management in Quam® and thus create the optimal starting point for user-friendly use of the software. In accordance with the characteristic requirements that your company places on the information security management system in terms of risk and hazard potential, we at OPTIQUM also ensure the development and implementation of an ISMS in your organization.

Quam® 6.0 also includes a GDPR module, which has an extended data model and provides standard GDPR content. This allows users to record the type of personal data and assign it to processes and processing systems. If required, these can be assessed so that data privacy management is conveniently set up digitally.

TISAX® - faster certification by Quam® and OPTIQUM

The requirements of new standards, guidelines or laws for your own company can be evaluated much more quickly thanks to OPTIQUM’s advice and the use of Quam® – this is made possible through the interaction of OPTIQUM’s on-site expertise and the digital support of the Quam® process management software.

It is also easier to identify the necessary adjustments required for implementing TISAX. These adaptations are designed and implemented by OPTIQUM so that the fulfillment of the requirements is ultimately documented. When implementing the adjustments, all existing processes, organizational structures, roles, resources and the compliance system already in place can be used.

Our partner Join is the implementation partner for Quam® 6.0 and specializes in adapting Quam to the individual needs of the customer. Join not only supports you with the implementation of Quam, but also enables technical and configurative customization and – if desired – live operation.

Together we will pave the way to digital, simple and efficient process management and to your TISAX® assessment!